From the Head of School

Welcome to Quest Academy--a school that inspires and challenges gifted children every day.  It is our sincere belief that every day we make a positive difference in the lives of our students.  We encourage young minds to discover a love not only for learning, but a hunger for being a vital part of the community.  We encourage development for a keen appreciation of the fine arts and a love of sporting competition in order to make our students well-rounded individuals.  At the end of the day, it is our desire that Quest Academy helps students and their families to better themselves and others both inside and outside of the classroom.
As the Head of School, it is an honor to serve the students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, friends and supporters of Quest Academy.  Our school is young--founded in 1982 as Creative Children’s Academy--we began with just eleven students and two faculty members.  Today as Quest Academy, we enroll 290 students and employ 40 faculty members.  Our school is the very definition of what quality education is all about – growth that has been guided and nurtured. If a school itself cannot model the notion of growth, it cannot--in my opinion--in good conscience go about its essential task of educating its students.

“You are not in school because of what you don’t know; rather, you are in school because of what you do know," says noted American educator Theodore Sizer.  In a school, the pursuit of knowledge and sound habits is what drives every action and reaction.  While good schools generate knowledge, I believe excellent schools challenge their communities to further advance knowledge, and in that process foster good habits of the mind and the heart.  An excellent education is about the application of knowledge.  You will find Quest Academy to be an excellent school fostering an excellent education.

With high hopes for our students and our school,

Benjamin Hebebrand
Head of School

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Quest Quotes

"Above all things, Quest taught me how to think creatively.  To this day, I excel in all of my endeavors and at all the many challenges that life presents me because of the way Quest Academy trained me to think and problem solve."

- Craig Stubing, Class of '02


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