Thoughts from alumni...

"Above all things, Quest taught me how to think creatively. To this day, I excel in all of my endeavors and at all the many challenges that life presents me because of the way Quest Academy trained me to think and problem solve."

About Quest

Welcome to a place where gifted and talented children have educational opportunities like never before!

A place where you are surrounded by like minded individuals.

A place where bright adults and children can work together to satisfy their intellectual curiosity and develop strong character.

Quest Academy is that place!

Welcome From The Head of School

As the Head of School, it is an honor to serve the students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, friends and supporters of Quest Academy. Our school is young--founded in 1982 as Creative Children’s Academy—we began with just eleven students and two faculty members. Today at Quest Academy, we enroll 290 students and employ 40 faculty members. Our school is the very definition of what gifted education should look like. Quest Academy unlocks the potential of gifted children with a challenging curriculum and a nurturing environment. Our program emphasizes sound character along with scholarship and creativity in both the academics and the arts. We truly value the individuality of each child and encourage our scholars to strive for personal excellence.

After decades as a teacher and administrator, I recognize that gifted students learn best when instruction is appropriately rigorous for each child while they are challenged through intellectual stimulation and healthy socialization. The Quest community has an uncanny ability to harness the power of teachers and technology in highly effective ways. This in turn allows for personalized-learning approaches that are both feasible and affordable. I invite you to let us know what you think of the website. In true Quest learning fashion, we′re always listening, always challenging ourselves to meet the needs of our community.

Khalek Kirkland, Ed,D,
Head of School

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