Why Quest Academy?

Faculty and staff, whose intelligence, creativity, and boundless energy suit them perfectly to work with this special population.

Why Quest Academy?

Bright children who love to learn and who long for the freedom to progress at their own pace need a Quest Academy education.

Quest's extraordinary faculty value intellectual curiosity, inspire creative thinking, and promote positive character development.

Gifted students deserve to be exposed to a challenging academic experience and have access to dynamic educational opportunities.

We invite your child to come and experience first-hand what Quest can offer them.


Quest Academy inspires creativity, values curiosity, and enriches the lives of gifted children.

Thank you for including Quest Academy as you search for an independent school for your gifted child. By discovering Quest Academy, you have opened an opportunity to offer your child with an inspiring and enriching learning environment that is truly exceptional in the Greater Chicago area. We are pleased to acquaint you with Quest Academy during your exciting exploration of the education that will best serve your child’s critical preschool through eighth grade years.

Through the admission process, you will understand Quest’s philosophy of gifted education. You will observe the joy and passion our students and teachers share as they uncover learning as a community. In preschool, you will see students learning both academic and social skills through exploration and play. In lower school, students engage in learning through reenacting significant people and events of the past to fully grasp the social-cultural, historical, and even financial impact of the cultures and people they study. In middle school, students enjoy immersion in the STEAM curriculum – where they infuse 21st century applications, imagination, analysis, innovation and integrated learning.

Quest Academy is an incredible school experience where teachers love to teach and students love to learn.

We invite you to visit our community in action. We will guide you through the admission process and help you determine if Quest would provide the learning environment that best serves your child and family.

We look forward to meeting your family.

Khalek Kirkland, Ed.D.
Proud Head of School

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