Middle School 6-8

Has your gifted middle school child outpaced their peers in mathematics, writing or artistic expression? Has school become a place of frustration rather than a place of possibilities and learning?

It might be time for a change. 

At Quest, gifted students push boundaries and dive deep. They test hypotheses and are inspired to think critically and creatively. They will participate in authentic, immersive experiences. They will understand how to lead and impact the world around them. Furthermore, they will  form strong connections with intellectual peers and teachers who understand how their minds work. In short, they will belong, be seen and be heard. A Quest Middle School education is a gifted education that has a lifelong impact.

At Quest, gifted students benefit from authentic growth and leadership opportunities that take them beyond the classroom. They will also forge meaningful bonds with intellectual peers at a time when these connections are paramount.

At Quest, teachers offer an interdisciplinary approach that provides immersive learning experiences as well as hands-on problem solving. Curriculum is accelerated or deepened in all domains as appropriate.

At Quest, graduates leave with uncommon self-awareness, confidence and the capacity to advocate for themselves. They take responsibility for their own learning on their lifelong journey.

Curriculum By Grade

Quest Academy Middle School Faculty

Andrea Dotoli - Drama Teacher
Angela Howe - Math Teacher
Brian Frank - Math Teacher
Drew Shilhanek - Language Arts & Social Studies Teacher
Hether Hoffmann - Art Teacher
Ian McGarrie - Music & Band Teacher
Jeff Ryder - Physical Education (PE) Teacher
Jen Fabsik - Language Art & Social Studies
Lisa Kropp - Spanish Teacher
Nate Stoffregen - Science Teacher
Steve Dembo - Computer Science &Artificial Intelligence (CSAI) Teacher