Distance Learning Plan

Although the building will be closed, teachers have prepared for students to continue their learning process at home. They will partner with parents to make certain that “school” continues despite the location. This plan will vary from grade to grade. Older students may spend more time online while the youngest will be more dependent upon parents/caregivers to complete activities. The faculty will constantly review and  plan for ongoing learning. The teachers and administration will be in communication with you throughout the time period that the building is closed to ensure up to the minute information and assistance.

The invaluable social interactions and mediation that occurs naturally among students and between teachers and students cannot be recreated in the same way. We believe that quality learning can occur at a distance without solely relying on computers. Students will be asked to read, communicate, and engage in authentic learning experiences, while continuing to be physically active.

We continue to monitor state and health department recommendations and are aware of the actions/decisions of local districts and schools. We will keep our community posted as to any further action we may deem necessary going forward.  Our number one priority is the health and well-being of our students and the Quest community as a whole. I thank you for your partnership in this effort. 

Distance Learning Expectations

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