It is a village of exceptional children, dedicated and highly talented faculty, and committed parents. As we like to say, “All gifted, all the time.”

Jacquelyn Negus
Head of School



Welcome to Quest Academy!

Your interest in our school indicates that you have a precocious child and are looking for the “right” educational setting for him or her. Quest Academy abounds with bright children who are observant, creative, insightful, inquisitive, sensitive and other descriptors that can possibly identify a “gifted” child. We believe that giftedness is domain-specific. Therefore, children at Quest may have exceptional ability in math but have difficulty tying shoes. The child can converse at a high school level about geography but not be able to write legibly. If you are looking for a school that nurtures the whole gifted child, you have come to the right place.

Our school equally values academics, the arts and character education. All three areas are of extreme importance for the well-being of a gifted child. In differentiated classrooms, the students are given the tools to soar academically. A fourth grade student can delve into algebra and a child who is fluent in Spanish can pen his own novel in the language. Our fine and performing arts team is second to none, writing and composing musicals specifically for the edification of our own students and encouraging artistic expression at every level. Teaching and expecting sound character on a daily basis is vital to the training of these future leaders. Our Service Learning component provides a platform for Quest students to actively demonstrate the importance of community and global accountability.

We pride ourselves on purposely limiting class size so that teachers can focus their efforts on truly knowing each child, and the unique ways they learn, think and grow. Students are given the opportunity to flourish as individuals while simultaneously coached to understand the importance of cooperative and collaborative effort. Our STEAM program and Maker Space allow critical-thinking and problem-solving skills to develop, thereby stimulating the brain in areas critically needed for the twenty-first century learner. Gifted children sometimes find themselves feeling isolated and “different” in a traditional educational setting. Here at Quest, the children find others who think and process on the same level. All of the children are free to excel, bolstered by others who possess equally high intellectual ability, and guided by experts in each particular area.

In addition to the rigor of our daily schedule, Quest offers a plethora of activities for enrichment both before and after school. Our Scholastic Bowl Team, Chess Team and Math Club achieve high honors competitively each year. Sports teams allow all children an opportunity to develop physical skills while actively assimilating the importance of teamwork. Numerous choices expose the children to fun and interesting activities such as world languages, Minecraft, karate, art club, dance . . . and the list goes on.

We invite you to come and visit our school. Words cannot describe the wonderment that occurs within the walls of Quest Academy each and every day. It is a village of exceptional children, dedicated and highly talented faculty, and committed parents. As we like to say, “All gifted, all the time.” Come join us!

My Best,

Jacque Negus
Head of School