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Lower School: K-5


At Quest, we know that children are curious and love to explore the world around them. In kindergarten, we understand that children learn most effectively and deeply through experiences. Our kindergarten classrooms provide both structure and choice. We establish daily routines to help children to learn how to self-regulate.

First Grade

First grade students at Quest Academy are ready to take on more complex concepts aligned with their academic level while exploring what it means to be an inquisitive learner and innovative risk-taker.  Students benefit from both routine to develop good habits as well as options to explore meaningful concepts of personal interest.

Second Grade

Second Grade students at Quest Academy enthusiastically come into the classroom eager to see what choices are presented to them for the day.  We understand the uniqueness of each gifted individual and know they are actively learning in every aspect of their school experience.

Third Grade

Welcome to a year of exploration, presentation, and celebration as a Quest third-grader. In keeping with our Quest Mission Statement, we take great pride in offering a unique, differentiated program that is designed intentionally with a solid understanding of the developmental stages and social needs of gifted third-grade students.

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade is an active and engaging year for Quest students who take on more responsibility for their own learning.  They are challenged by an increasing amount of independence, carefully guided and supported by the teachers.  A combination of scholarly academics, team activities, and hands-on experiences make for a happy, motivated - and above all - valued group of children.  

Fifth Grade

A year focused on strengthening foundations, challenging innovative ideas, and preparing for middle school, fifth grade is rich with opportunity to personally embrace learning and develop skills that align with the increasing independence.