At Quest, we know that children are curious and love to explore the world around them. In kindergarten, we understand that children learn most effectively and deeply through experiences. Our kindergarten classrooms provide both structure and choice. We establish daily routines to help children to learn how to self-regulate.

An integrated thematic approach is utilized in developing the skills and concepts that will be introduced and practiced throughout the school year.

Our curriculum is created to meet the needs of the gifted learner. Attention is given to each child’s individual growth and development. Quest kindergarten provides challenging, differentiated curriculum that provides rich experience at a pace that fits each students needs.

The primary goal of the literacy program is to help children develop a variety of strategies and the confidence needed to become independent readers and writers.

It is important that students are engaged, reading books of high quality that are complex with rich vocabulary.We create a comprehensive phonics/phonemic awareness program that focused while on working in small and large groups. Children are taught decoding and comprehension strategies in a balance of direct instruction and independent reading.

Quest has adopted Everyday Mathematics developed by The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project for math instruction.  The math program involves children in a variety of activities that create a foundation for mathematical understanding and problem solving. Supplemental math activities children discover the world of math through game activities and exploration (that involves counting, number recognition and sequencing, sorting, classifying, patterning, measuring, graphing, and solving story problems.)

Visit the Lower School Science page for information about our lab-based science experience.