Second Grade

Second Grade students at Quest Academy enthusiastically come into the classroom eager to see what choices are presented to them for the day.

Students are highly engaged in their learning whether engrossed in a morning choice STEAM activity or writing in their personally decorated journals. Gifted learners are hands on learners. Experiences are what captivate and make learning meaningful for our students.  In math you may find a student creating their dream home while applying concepts such as perimeter and area. In Language Arts Social Studies, simulations occur as students build their own longhouses out of large blocks, harpoon their own seals, or dig for shells to experience what it was like to live as the Northwest Coast Native Americans.

An integrated and collaborative school experience is present as students also create their own Native American Villages in our Maker Space studio. We celebrate our learning through numerous events such as a Potlatch ceremony when students perform a play from Drama class, songs and dance from Music, and group projects using a green screen and iMovie from Technology.

Balloons fill the classroom as we celebrate and share with families stories written in Writer’s Workshop during our Book Release Parties. A growth mindset is the core of how our students feel towards learning. Our students are appropriately challenged in every subject area and leave every day feeling and reiterating the words “I love a great challenge!”

We understand the uniqueness of each gifted individual and know they are actively learning in every aspect of their school day.

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