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Step by step guide 1 inquire, 2 visit campus 3 submit application 4 student visit 5 decision



Complete an inquiry form, visit the campus and tour the classrooms.

By visiting our website, you are already on the right path to enrolling at Quest Academy. Now we invite you to visit our campus, tour the classrooms, meet the teachers, and learn more about why we are the ideal educational opportunity for your gifted learner.  Once the form has been received, the Enrollment Team will contact you to arrange for an on-campus tour.

Touring Quest Academy is the best way to experience all that we have to offer the gifted learner. During the visit you will stop by classrooms, meet the teachers, and speak with current students.  Parents often comment that they are able to "see" their child as a Quest student.

We enroll students to Quest Academy on a rolling admissions basis. This means that qualified students may enroll mid-year, pending space in the class/grade. To be considered during the first round of admissions decisions for the upcoming school year, you should begin the admissions process no later than February of the current school year.

3 students working with microscope

The Quest Academy Admissions Team is ready to introduce you to how we continue to be recognized as a leader in gifted education. Quest Academy may be the right choice for your bright learner.  Let us show you why.

Schedule a tour today!


Once you have visited our campus and decided to pursue admission to Quest Academy, you are ready to complete and submit the application materials that are required for consideration. Application materials include: Admissions Application, IQ Testing (Kindergarten and older), and Supplemental Materials.

Our online application is designed to introduce us to your child in a more formal way. Please be thoughtful and thorough with your answers as the application is a critical component of the admission decision process. To be considered, you must complete all of the fields on the application as well as submit the $75 non-refundable application fee.

To assist us in predicting the potential success of your child in a gifted environment, we require IQ testing for children entering kindergarten and older. Our minimum IQ score for admission acceptance is 125.

We do not endorse any specific tester or psychologist to complete this testing, but for your convenience we have a list of area certified testers HERE. Some psychologists will perform the IQ tests on site at Quest Academy. For more information on scheduling testing, please contact the enrollment office at Quest.

You can learn more about IQ testing and gifted learners by visiting the National Association for Gifted Children website.

Supplemental materials allow the admissions team to get to know your child as a student and learner.  These materials accompany the application and IQ testing as part of the official admissions file.  

For information on these materials, see below.


The student visit day is one of the most important elements of the Quest Academy admissions process. This full one- or two-day visit is an immersive experience designed to allow visiting students an opportunity to get to know firsthand how Quest Academy is leading the way in challenging and innovative gifted curriculum.

During the visit day, applicants will be assigned a student buddy and follow a typical class schedule that will include core subject areas and possible exposure to other classes such as art, music, drama, Spanish, maker space, physical education, STEAM, and special programs.

The visit day serves a dual purpose: visiting students gain a better understanding of a day in the life of a Quest student, and Quest teachers get to know potential students beyond the application profile.

Quest Academy is committed to enrolling a student body that is best served through the school's mission. The admissions process is designed to support these efforts and identify children who will be best served in our gifted classrooms.

Upon completion of the visit day, the teachers who had the pleasure of hosting the applicant will provide feedback about the time spent in their classroom, including appraisal of academic and social-emotional factors. Teachers observe how visiting students interact with both their peers and adults, as well as their readiness to participate in our advanced environment. Quest Academy faculty and staff understand that a student transferring from a more typical school experience may not have been exposed to certain subject matter; in evaluating, we are mostly concerned with the student's perceived potential to be a Quest student. We take this matter very seriously to ensure adherence to our mission, out of respect for our classroom of learners, and for the betterment of the applicant's school self-esteem.


The Admissions Committee reviews the complete application file that includes an application, IQ testing (K-8), feedback from the visit day, and additional records and recommendations provided by the family during the application process.

Parents of students accepted to Quest Academy will receive an email confirmation of acceptance. Included in the email will be directions about accessing the online contract. Review the contract for terms and deadline; during the review period, the applicant's place is held in the class. To accept the offer to enroll and secure a place in the grade, parents sign the electronic contract and submit a deposit as directed.