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IQ: Educational Testing

Quest Academy is a school for gifted children and, since its founding in 1982, has maintained an adherence to enrolling children who will benefit most from the advanced approach to learning. Therefore, in addition to the other information gathered during the admissions process, applicants entering kindergarten through eighth grade are required to submit IQ testing results.

IQ testing can be administered through two different assessments determined by the age of the child: Weschler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI) or Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children - version five (WISC-V). Quest Academy respects the opinion of the professional psychologists to use their discretion for which test to use based on the age of the child, however typically the WPPSI is administered to children entering kindergarten and possibly first grade. For students entering second grade and above, the WISC-V is more appropriate.

How do I have my child tested?

To ensure that the assessment is conducted independent of any influence related to admission requirements, Quest Academy does not endorse any tester/psychologist in particular. While the testing relationship is established directly between the client and the tester, Quest Academy will certainly assist in helping families make the initial introduction with any tester to ensure a smooth transition. In addition, Quest Academy will consider testers who are not listed as an Approved IQ Testing Professional. Testing must be completed by a licensed clinical psychologist.

What is Quest Academy looking for on the IQ test?

A complete IQ evaluation must include the following components: both sub-scale and full-scale IQ scores, assessment narrative, and recommendations for matters pertaining to the child's learning and school experience. Students applying to Quest Academy must meet the minimum IQ requirement of 125 or above to be considered for admission.

Does Quest Academy require IQ testing for children entering preschool and/or junior kindergarten?

No, Quest does not require IQ testing for admission to preschool or junior kindergarten. Instead, during the visit day, children are observed for characteristics most often associated with giftedness to better understand their potential success in our advanced curriculum.