5th Grade


Darrell Maskell

Kim Ringgenberg

The fifth-grade teachers challenge advanced learners in a nurturing environment that is creative, innovative, and opportunistic. There is attention given to the smallest of details that lead to a happy place to learn. Both teachers believe that the valuing of the child, raising their self-confidence, and enhancing their love of learning are their main priorities.   

Both of your fifth-grade teachers are avid readers. On a daily basis, our passion for reading and learning will be part of the classroom dynamic. There is a focus on deeper reading and therefore deeper, richer understanding. There will be an emphasis on multiple-draft reading. As adults, we know the importance of second and third draft reading, but children are generally reluctant to do this. So...are the students reading and comprehending, but only on a surface level? This process will be modeled (and valued) throughout the year and will hopefully be internalized by all students. The children will be shown how to understand the complexities and subtleties that may be submersed in rich texts. Assessments will be in both written and oral forms and will reveal a certain depth of understanding.

Special Subjects

All students at Quest Academy benefit from a robust learning experience that extends beyond the core classes of math, science, language arts, and social studies.  By incorporating special subjects into their weekly schedule, students develop specific skill sets, new methods for engaging with material, and make cross-curricular connections that are both intentional in the Quest curriculum as well as uniquely discovered by each child. 

Special Subject Teachers

Lisa Diones - Lower School Science

Grades 1-5

Ian McGarrie - Music & Band Teacher

Grades 5-8 - General Music and Band

Andrea Dotoli - Drama Teacher

Grades 5-8


Jeff Ryder - Physical Education (PE) Teacher

Grades 5-8

Mr. Ryder teaches grades 5-8 and is our Athletic Director.

Steve Dembo - Computer Science &Artificial Intelligence (CSAI) Teacher

Grades 5-8

Hether Hoffmann - Art Teacher

Grades 5-8

Ms. Hoffmann teachers student in grades 5-8.  

Andrea Matta - Lower School Spanish Teacher

Grades Kindergarten - 5