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Thoughts from alumni...

The teachers teach you to think about things on deeper levels - to go beyond the facts.

Support Quest

Opportunities abound at Quest Academy…when students’ academic experiences challenge their potential, when extracurricular activities increase their confidence, or when a service project opens their minds and hearts to the needs of others. It is then that you know that your investment in Quest Academy made a difference.

Your Gift Matters

Quest Academy has achieved a reputation for excellence in gifted education. To continue to provide the best educational experience for the gifted children who attend Quest, we look to our current and former community members for support. Parents, trustees, alumni, alumni families, grandparents, friends, and staff and faculty can all help to ensure a bright future for our school and continuing educational opportunities for our students.

Your donation helps us provide a rich learning environment for the hundreds of inquisitive children who attend Quest every year. Donations to Quest help these students in many ways. Gifts help Quest provide scholarships to children who would otherwise not be able to attend. Giving also provides valuable materials and technology for the classrooms and helps teachers attend conferences and pursue continuing education.

Quest is very grateful to the many families who give generously to our school every year. Every gift is important and deeply appreciated. Your gift matters!

To learn how you can give to Quest, please visit our "Ways of Giving" page.

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