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Belief Statement

Together with the Quest Academy mission, these Belief Statements provide the foundation for all that we do at Quest Academy. Whether it is our academic programming, curriculum development, student life and services, or faculty recruitment and retention, our obligation is to fulfill the promise of the mission statement and make sure that we live our lives in alignment with our Belief Statements so that we create a truly exceptional learning community.

We believe this about Giftedness

  • Giftedness is exceptional intellectual, physical, creative, and/or affective capacity that can be transformed into extraordinary ability.
  • Giftedness is domain-specific – it may occur predominantly in one or more domains, such as mathematics, science, the arts, or language – but can be enhanced in all domains.
  • Giftedness is best identified and cultivated by means of thorough and multifaceted assessment.
  • Giftedness may involve asynchronous development and does not preclude exceptionalities.
  • Giftedness is best nurtured by an environment that provides continuous intellectual stimulation and creative engagement within a community of like-minded peers and supportive adults.

We believe this about Learning

  • Learning is a critical process to growth and development.
  • Learning is integral to a healthy and productive life.
  • Learning requires taking risks, challenging one's ideas and beliefs, and putting forth effort.
  • Learning is most effective when it involves the intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and creative domains.
  • Learning can be catalyzed by competition but must be measured relative to the self.

We believe this about Teaching Gifted Students

  • Curriculum that first emphasizes conceptual understandings and applications facilitates the subsequent successful retention of discrete knowledge and specific skills.
  • Assessment that is differentiated and involves ongoing and meaningful feedback facilitates the learning process.
  • Learning environments that provide interaction with other gifted students promote intellectual stimulation and healthy socialization.
  • Learning experiences that involve challenge, problem-solving, and reflection ensure greater student engagement and intellectual risk-taking.
  • The most effective teachers have expertise in gifted education and can differentiate curriculum, assessment, learning environments and learning experiences.
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