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Thoughts from parents...

It is so gratifying to see kids so enthused about learning and participating in school events.

Lower School

The Lower School program at Quest includes kindergarten through fifth grade. Teachers create a warm, nurturing environment appropriate to the social-emotional needs of young children while also providing challenging academics. Assessing students frequently to determine their skill levels, teachers tailor lessons to match students' needs. While the curriculum is not individualized for each child, teachers differentiate instruction and adjust the mix of individual, small group, and large group activities in order to accommodate a variety of academic levels. Homeroom teachers teach language arts, math, and social studies; specials teachers teach science, computers, art, drama, Spanish, music, and physical education. Homework is introduced gradually, starting in first grade with small amounts and increasing to about forty-five minutes to an hour each evening in fifth grade.

The Lower School Program balances a rigorous, traditional academic curriculum with innovative, often lighthearted teaching strategies like dramatic readings, hands-on projects, and multidisciplinary themes that bring arts and academics together.

Fifth grade is a transitional year in which independence and organizational skills are stressed in order to prepare students for the Middle School. Our fifth graders visit middle school specialists for art, music and drama instruction in order to ease the transition to middle school the following year.

Quest Academy Curriculum Guide

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