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Middle School

The Middle School program addresses the interests and needs of Quest's older students -- sixth, seventh, and eighth graders -- by providing both the intellectual challenge and social-emotional support they need.

Classes remain small and instruction continues to be a mix of individual, small group, and whole group work, with differentiation of levels so that students can progress at a pace appropriate to their ability. Much of the academic work in Quest's Middle School is at the high school level. Quest's program piques the interest of the young adolescent through: exciting elective classes;an enthusiastic, approachable faculty that enjoys young teens; interesting field trips; and frequent opportunity for performance in concerts, plays, and musicals.

We meet the social-emotional needs of Quest Middle School students by providing them with: a morning break for socializing and snacking and an afternoon recess; an advisory program that links each student with a faculty member who shares his or her interests; and compassionate, encouraging teachers who recognize the unique needs of young adolescents. Our teachers look past the challenges of early adolescence -- awkwardness, rapid physical maturation, and emotional ups and downs -- to focus on the strengths of the young adult -- adult-like intelligence, a capacity for high performance, and a lively sense of humor.

The Middle School Advisory Program, in which a small group of students meet for 30 minutes daily with their advisor, provides students with daily guidance not only in academics but in the areas of personal growth, peer issues, and adolescence in general. Advisory serves as a place for students to hear announcements, have their morning snack, develop friendships, and receive guidance on issues such as organizational skills and time management. Advisory also provides a framework in which Middle School students work together on service projects.

Three class periods per week, teachers and students take a break from regular classes to participate in an elective of their choice. Electives are lighter, high-interest courses with a broad range of topics. Past offerings include Canoe Building, Poetry, Rocketry, Science Fiction and Fantasy, and Creative Movement. Students are grouped across grade levels for these course, so they have an opportunity to work with students from other grades.


In order to recognize successful completion of elementary/middle school education, students will be provided with the skills necessary to pursue the required high school curriculum.

Diplomas shall be awarded to students who have completed the course of study prescribed by law. Students shall meet all requirements for promotion based on grades, assessments or other indicators.

In order to receive a diploma from Quest Academy, an eighth grade student must meet the following requirements upon completion of the eighth grade.

  • Academic – student shall have a cumulative grade point average of no less than 2.0 in all subjects (Math, Science, Social Science, Language Arts, Physical Education and Fine and Performing Arts).
  • Constitution Exam – students must have received a satisfactory grade in the constitution exam.

Quest Academy Curriculum Guide

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