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Quest has allowed me to see how learning is something I am doing for myself, not for a grade or degree.

The Arts


The Quest art program includes instruction in art techniques, art history, criticism, art media, and aesthetics. This multi-dimensional approach combines experiences with drawing, painting, sculpture, design, printmaking, fine crafts, and digital art. Art assignments frequently correlate with the core academic curriculum; interdisciplinary projects are common.


Music education is a vital component in Quest Academy’s commitment to educating the whole child. All children experience music through prepared lessons in movement, singing, listening, and playing instruments. From first through eighth grade, the children also delve into the study of musical elements, history, theory, genres, sight reading, and composition according to their age and ability level.

Opportunities abound in the area of instrumental music. Orff and percussion instruments are used throughout the Quest music experience. Children in lower grades are taught the basics of keyboard skills. Keyboards are re-visited in seventh grade to enhance theory and compositional assignments. All third and fourth graders are given instruction on violin. Fifth grade students explore music theory, sight-reading and composition with instruction on ocarinas while sixth graders enjoy learning to play the guitar. All instrumental music classes make use of differentiation in regard to each student’s ability and experience.

In addition to the regular curriculum for all children as described above, there are options for families who want to extend music at school. (There is a fee for each of these opportunities.) The band program for Quest students begins in fourth grade. Harmonizers is a performance program for third through fifth grade students using vocals, violins, and piano keyboards. Bella Voce (girls) and Benton Street Boys are each award winning choral ensembles for grades six through eight.

Although the process of education is our prime focus at Quest, performance is an important aspect in the education of our future leaders. Frequently coupled with the drama department, our music students are taught how to present themselves well before an audience in both group and individual settings. Quest students continually receive awards and praise for very high musical and overall performance standards.

Lower School Music Blog

Middle School Music Blog


Quest's drama program teaches our students to appreciate theater on stage and as literature, and prepares them to be comfortable in front of an audience. Preschoolers begin by playing drama games; they move on through the years to role-playing, speeches, debates, improvisation, pantomime and theater, learning to speak clearly and to use body language effectively. Middle school students study plays and playwrights from ancient times to the present and have opportunities to write their own scripts and participate in all aspects of a major musical production.

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Middle School Art Blog

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