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"Quest has a wonderful curriculum that includes a variety of fine arts courses in addition to the advanced academics. Taking classes across a variety of disciplines taught me how to focus my energies in different arenas, and helped me learn how to organize my time efficiently

Ways of Giving FAQ's

Do faculty and staff give to the Annual Fund?

Yes. Quest is proud that our faculty and staff give to the Quest Annual Fund every year. Why do they? They give for the same reasons that our parents, grandparents, friends, and alumni give. They believe in the mission and value of the school and they want to impact the school and students.

Are Quest parents expected to participate in the Annual Fund?

Yes. Every Quest family is expected to give to the Quest Annual Fund at a level that is comfortable to them. Every gift is important and every gift makes a difference. When we all contribute together, the school maintains a strong financial base and is able to meet new challenges and opportunities as they arise. Quest Academy stresses the importance of parent participation in the Annual Fund. We hope that

100% of our families contribute to the Quest Annual Fund each year. Is my gift to the Quest Annual Fund tax deductible?

A gift to the Quest Annual Fund is 100% tax deductible.

How does the school, students, and faculty benefit from the Annual Fund?

Quest Annual Fund dollars are hard at work throughout the school. Quest Annual Fund dollars have helped to update technology in the classrooms and professional development for our outstanding faculty. Quest Annual Fund dollars benefit each student every day.

Do all independent schools have Annual Funds?

Yes. Some independent schools may call their Annual Fund by a different name but they all have annual giving programs. Independent schools receive no federal or state tax dollars. Just like most colleges and universities, philanthroby is critical for maintaining strong academic programs and keeping the facilities in top condition.

What about endowments? Does Quest Academy have an Endowment?

Quest Academy has a modest General Endowment Fund. Unlike other independent schools that have operated for decades, Quest is a young school, established in 1982. Our General Endowment is relatively new. Many older independent schools have been securing their endowments for 100 years or more.

What is an Endowment?

An endowment is a pool of funds that are held in trust for the future use of the school. Endowments are created to help insure an institution's future and provide financial stability into the future. Endowment money is invested. A portion of the annual earnings can be used to defray costs. The remainder of the yearly interest is typically placed back into the endowment to hedge against inflation and continue growing the fund. Just as individuals and families save money for retirement, independent schools, universities and colleges, museums, and other non-profit organizations create and grow endowments to ensure the future financial stability of the institution.

Can I contribute to Quest's General Endowment Fund?

Yes you can. However, if you would like to contribute to the General Endowment Fund, please contact the Director of Development.

Are there other special funds for giving at Quest?

Yes. Quest Academy has also started a Scholarship Endowment Fund. This still modest fund helps to ensure scholarship opportunities for students who would not otherwise be able to attend Quest. If you are interested in contributing to the Scholarship Endowment Fund, please contact the Director of Development.

How can I make a contribution to the Quest Annual Fund?

Most donors either write a check or donate by credit card. If you would like to donate to the Quest Annual Fund with your credit card, please complete the secure online giving form or contact the Development Office.

Can I contribute in other ways?

Yes. Some Quest parents choose to donate stock to the school. For information about this and other giving options, please contact the Director of Development.

Matching Gifts

Many companies have a matching gift program available to their employees, retirees and families, which can double or even triple your contribution.


Quest Academy holds the Night of All Knights Auction & Gala every spring. This highly successful fundraising event is a wonderful evening and an opportunity for the Quest community to come together and celebrate the school. The Auction & Gala is our largest fundraising event.

How can I donate to the Auction?

The Auction provides the Quest community with many ways to help the school.

Many families donate items for the silent and live auctions. Some choose to underwrite the cost of the event or the catalog. Attending the auction and purchasing items for the benefit of the school is another way of helping to support Quest. Whether you are interested in donating or purchasing items for the auction, we hope that all Quest parents can attend the event each year as a way to celebrate and support the school, and make new friends.

Volunteering for the Auction

The Night of All Knights Auction & Gala would not happen without the many wonderful volunteers who give of their time and expertise to make this event such a stunning evening! There are many ways you can volunteer to help the Auction. Volunteering your time and talent is a great way to help support the school and a wonderful way to meet and make new friends. Each year, the Auction needs many volunteers to help with soliciting local businesses, organizing the catalog, sending invitations, entering data, wrapping items, and lending artistic talent to a successful event. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Director of Development.

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