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Carmen Aiken '01

"Quest definitely allowed me to become the inquisitive and open-minded person I am today. My time there allowed me to explore even though it would sometimes end in frustration or confusion. I met friends and mentors from all sorts of spectrums, and many of the people I met are still in touch with me today."

Future plans and aspirations: "Starting a small press for zine, chapbooks and bike tomes; continuing to work for food justice and active transportation; owning a stable of road, touring and cargo bikes. I recently volunteered with Active Transportation Alliance on Four Star Bike Tour. I still like to go on reading tears or learn how to fix bicycles or work on a farm or edit a zine."

Mills College
Class of 2009
BA English, GPA 3.95, Graduated with Honors

Extracurricular Activities: Deep Oakland Public Radio Journalist, Intern at FHM Magazine in London, Editor of The Walrus (Literary Magazine), Senior Baccalaureate speaker.

Rolling Meadows High School
Class of 2005
Four AP classes, GPA 3.5, ACT 31

Extracurricular Activities: Speech Team (State Sectional Finalist), School Newspaper (Managing Editor), Freshman Mentor, GSA President and Founder.

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