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Capital Priorities

We recently wrapped up a $1.5 M capital campaign entitled: Take Root Campaign for the West Campus.

Quest Academy Secures Its Future

In November 2011, the school purchased 3.68 acres of land to its west, across Plum Grove Road. By doing so, we have fulfilled a pledge, made by the Board of Trustees and the administration, to meet the challenge posed by our families to resolve the need for green space and play areas. Quest centered its long-term strategy around growth, in space, facilities, students and potential. The acquisition of vacant land, as well as the retail center in which the school presently sits, creates a footprint for the school's expansion and security for our vision and mission. We are honored to have accomplished this first step on behalf of the Quest Academy community.

Financially, this was made possible by prudent fiscal policy and conservative cash management. Quest Academy's investments, overseen by Northern Trust, provided flexibility and allowed Quest to take advantage of a favorable tax-exempt bond issue and multi-year loan. We refinanced our debt positioned the school to purchase both parcels (retail plaza, vacant land).

Development of the green space and partial repayment of acquisition costs are the goals of the Take Root campaign. With your help, we intend to raise at least $1.5 million for this project.

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