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It is so gratifying to see kids so enthused about learning and participating in school events.

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The Story of A Spelling Bee Champion

We are proud of spelling bee champion (currently in second grade), here is his story told by his father:

You probably noticed as we did that Lucas was the only kid at the district spelling bee that looked to be having any fun up there. Part of that is his personality, but I believe it also came as a result of the teachers he has had so far. We are very grateful.

In Kindergarten, Ms. Samo (she will always be Ms. Samo to us) introduced Lucas to the spelling bee. That was the day he told me that he wanted to try it. She was also our first experience with a teacher at Quest. Don't ever let her get away!

Then in 1st grade Lucas made it through the lower school bee to participate in the all school bee. Mrs. Skwirut went out of her way to make sure he'd be comfortable. She made time to take the class to the gym so Lucas could practice from the stage.

This year Ms. Cohn has been using spelling bee words for his regular spelling tests. That helped us get through all 1100 words for the district bee in just a few weeks. We had just gotten through them all the night before the bee! Plus she and the Bears have been supportive in every possible way.

I believe all the presentations Lucas has done at school helped him get comfortable up there too. I will always remember the end of year presentation last year where all the first graders put on a newscast to present the information. It was really something to see.

I am sure we will do this again, but nothing may top the experience we have had this year. We plan to go to the regional bee next week to see what to expect at that level.

It is too often assumed that gifted children will thrive in school with little attention simply because they have high intellectual ability. An intellectually advanced child, however, needs an appropriate educational program just as much as any other child; a child can only thrive when teachers understand the child's needs and when the curriculum, content and pace of instruction are suited to the child's ability.

At Quest, your child can discover the excitement of learning surrounded by motivated peers who love learning. For over 20 years, Quest has been meeting the social, emotional, and academic needs of gifted children. Our specially designed curriculum, combined with an outstanding faculty, provides bright young people with a truly unique learning environment.

We have created an environment where students are encouraged to dream and use their imaginations; where understanding teachers, who love working with gifted children, nurture and highlight students' interests, strengths, and abilities; where students feel comfortable surrounded by bright, enthusiastic peers.

Gifted children need instruction that is appropriately paced and material that is appropriately complex. Quest teachers are skilled in curriculum differentiation and frequently assess children to determine what they know already so that they are not forced to sit through material they have mastered and so that work is set at a sufficiently difficult level.

Quest's program varies with the differing needs and abilities of each age group. Quest provides preschoolers with a developmentally appropriate climate that focuses on exploration, discovery, and social interaction. This early childhood experience sets the stage for the introduction of academic studies and homework in the Lower School. Daily homework in the Middle School promotes self-discipline and perseverance while allowing wider coverage of complex topics and practice of sophisticated skills.Quest's program responds to the individual at all levels; yet, as the students mature, they are gradually expected to go beyond their own interests in order to master those skills and bodies of knowledge widely recognized as a foundation for further studies in the liberal arts.

Quest Academy is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools. Click here to view a short video about the benefits of private schools.

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