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Thoughts from parents...

It is so gratifying to see kids so enthused about learning and participating in school events.

The West Campus

We believe that outdoor learning opportunities are important, and complement the classroom experience. Our faculty wanted to bring what we do inside outside. Part of preparing a child for the broader world is ensuring awareness of connections to the physical worlds. Appreciation of the outdoors for exercise, fresh air, teamwork, and new environments all begin in youth.

  • Nearly four-acres of land.
  • A field for sports, recreation, and education.
  • An amphitheater for performing, story-telling, and learning.
  • Outdoor classrooms for teaching, science experiments, star-gazing, ‘archeological digs’.
  • A multi-sport court for basketball, volleyball and more.
  • Using water retention ponds for biology, native grasses, attracting butterflies.
  • A secure, accessible facility for concessions, restrooms, and storing equipment.
  • A new parking lot, and crosswalk across Plum Grove Road to assure the West Campus is safe and inviting.
  • A home-field advantage for Quest families. Less travel, more time for what matters.

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