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Specials Curricula

All students at Quest Academy benefit from a robust learning experience that extends beyond the core classes of math, science, language arts, and social studies.  By incorporating special subjects into their weekly schedule, students develop specific skill sets, new methods for engaging with material, and make cross-curricular connections that are both intentional in the Quest curriculum as well as uniquely discovered by each child. Cultivating knowledge and skills through these special subjects plays a valuable role in the Quest experience and sets us apart from other more traditional programs.

Beginning with our youngest learners in preschool, Quest students receive instruction in art, drama, music, Spanish, physical education, library, and innovative exposure to MakerSpace and STEAM programming—all taught by subject-matter specialists intent on providing depth of content and demonstrating a passion for their area of expertise.  This passion translates to the student experience and elevates the exposure beyond the typical, self-contained classroom model.

Get to know our subject area specials by exploring the website and visiting campus.

General Music, Choir, and Band

The music curriculum allows students to explore all aspects of music including performing, responding, and creating music.  Students delve into music theory by reading and notating music on the grand staff.


Quest Academy’s Drama program aims to expand each student’s creative and expressive potential through the art of theatre.  Activities encourage thinking and imaginative skills for students to apply to other academic areas and everyday life.


The art department strives for a challenging, creative program that provides each student with a solid foundation through the development of creative production, art criticism, and art history/culture. Students have access to a wide variety of media, technical resources and equipment. 

World Language: Spanish

At Quest Academy, we believe that Spanish class should be a lively community comprised of warm, enthusiastic and humorous interactions between students and teacher.  Students enjoy acquiring a new language and using it with confidence.

Maker Space & STEAM

STEAM and Maker Space are educational learning experiences that focus on applying the academic components of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math with the intent to prepare students for the 21st century using problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.

Physical Education

Combining elements of physical fitness with sports, creative gaming, and wellness, the Quest Academy physical education program prepares students for a life long approach to health and fitness.  Movement and activity is an important element for daily learning.