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General Music, Choir, and Band

The music curriculum allows students to explore all aspects of music including performing, responding, and creating music.  Students delve into music theory by reading and notating music on the grand staff. Students explore music history as they study the lives and music of Classical, Latin, Jazz and Blues composers.  As composers, students combine the elements of music to create complex compositions. By utilizing technology, students learn to code music using Tynker app on the iPads, record music using GarageBand, and create podcasts and movie scores.

Through the music program, students sequentially develop vocal and instrumental skills.  Starting in the youngest grades, students sing using solfege syllables and focusing on correct breath support and vowel pronunciation. They play ostinato patterns on Orff instruments and melodic patterns on the recorder.  As students move to the older grades, they sing challenging octavos in three and four part harmonies. They play multiple instruments including the ukulele, piano keyboard, guitar, and African Drums. Students explore music from around the world and perform in multiple concerts and musicals.

The music ensembles at Quest Academy help to inspire and promote musicianship. The Band program begins in 4th grade. Students are introduced to various band instruments at the beginning of the school year, including flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, trumpet, trombone, euphonium and percussion. Students joining band have an opportunity to select their preferred instrument.  Band focuses on establishing a firm foundation of music literacy, proficiency, and performance. The Harmonizers is an exciting music ensemble for 3rd through 5th grade students. This unique musical experience is for students who sing, play the violin, or play the piano. The Harmonizers learn music from numerous musical genres while developing advanced performance skills. The music ensembles at Quest Academy perform at concerts in school and in the community.

Pied Piper of Hamlin playing horn with followers

Enjoy the 3rd-4th grade audio play produced by
drama teacher Deanna Armentrout and music teacher Annabel Hasty.  Special thanks to music producer/recording engineer, Jon Negus.