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Physical Education

Combining elements of physical fitness with sports, creative gaming, and wellness, the Quest Academy physical education program prepares students for a life long approach to health and fitness.  Movement and activity is an important element for daily learning.

The physical education program features several elements that are key to the benchmarks of child development.  Skills range from basic to sport-specific for individual, team, lifetime games, and activities.  With a focus on gross motor development in our early grades, all children develop balance, agility, speed, and coordination as they progress through the program to more complex concepts that includes applied gaming and rhythmic movement. 

Fundamentals are supported through an understanding of rules, safety, and strategies as applied to the concept being explored.

Overall, a perspective on wellness is a common thread throughout the program, as is sportsmanship, conflict resolution, problem solving, encouraging others, and responsibility.  At times, students may find themselves in peer coaching roles that benefit their character development.