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In the Quest Academy Spanish Program, we believe the following:

About Language Acquisition:
The only way to acquire language is to hear it and read it in a comprehensible and compelling context.  When a person wants to know what happens next in a story, they are motivated to listen or read on.  Language acquisition is not a metacognitive activity. It is a natural act that occurs when we read or listen to a meaningful story.  Reading and writing in a second language demonstrate acquisition but do not facilitate it.

About Grammar Study:
Grammar rules should be discussed in class ONLY after students been exposed to the rules in meaningful spoken or written language.  Time spent drilling verb conjugations and grammar rules is time that could have been spent providing those rules and conjugations in a comprehensible and compelling context. Grammar rules are acquired in a prescribed order by language learners.

About Spanish Class:
Our job every day is to provide engaging language that our students can understand in spoken or written form.  Short films, Personal Questions and Answers, Storytelling, Role Playing Games, Readers’ Theater and humorous music videos are all engaging content that provide rich, compelling language as well as necessary repetitions of high frequency language.

Free voluntary reading in the classroom on a regular basis is endemic to a healthy language program.  Spanish class should be a lively community comprised of warm, enthusiastic and humorous interactions between students and teacher.

Group of middle school students with Spanish teacher

MS Spanish students on a "Walk and Talk" - a fun and effective way to experience using the language.